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Track your fleet the easy way, from anywhere. Track Fuel Entries, Insurance Coverage, Licensing, Parts & Service, and so much more. Requires a Zoho Creator Subscription. Works on the web, mobile phones, and tablets.


  • Click on counts to see detailed popups

  • Quick Fleet Overview

  • Vehicle specific Costs Overview

  • All your fleet details at a glance

Easy Forms

Fuel Tracking

  • Use in the field or in the office

  • Track Off Road Fuel for Tax Credits

Fleet Inspections

  • DOT Pre -Trip Inspections (for drivers & mechanics)

  • Annual DOT Inspections

Parts & Service Records

  • Track hours and expenses by vehicle

  • Get quick at a glance data

  • See all your whole fleet easily grouped by category with quick built in actions.

  • Group columns of your choosing.

  • Export Lists to Excel or a PDF

List Views

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